São Paulo, Brazil -- Human and professional development

At the Sumaré University Center of Studies, a program of human and professional development for high school students was offered throughout 2012. This was the fourth year that the course was held, with monthly conferences with professionals who present the basic choices the students need to make for their future professional careers.

Some of those taking part in this year’s program were: Daniel Neves Faria, founder of the ONG Orpas (Recreational, Professional, Artistic and Social Works), who spoke about study as a means for transforming society; Silvio Medeiros, art director and winner of three prizes in marketing at the Cannes Festival, who stressed the importance of personal effort; Alexandre Gonçalves, a journalist, who spoke on how to develop a well-reasoned argument and give a speech. The classes, enlivened by the real life experience of those giving the presentations, strove to awaken in the students a desire to cultivate the virtues, as indispensable for carrying out well-done work that is ethical and responsible.

In addition to the conferences, each student was offered the possibility of bi-weekly mentoring sessions to draw up personalized plans of study. Each student has access to the advice of professionals who can help in the choice of a career. The program also seeks to foster the students’ human and cultural development, by encouraging friendship among the boys, volunteer work, visits to museums and institutions, along with sports and ecological activities.

Romana, n. 55, July-December 2012, p. 373-374.

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