Message of solidarity with the earthquake victims in Guatemala

On the morning of November 7, a violent earthquake affected the western part of Guatemala on the border with Mexico. Although thanks be to God the number of dead was fairly small, the material damage was very great, to the detriment of many families—poor people in most cases—who lost their homes or goods.

From the various Centers of Opus Dei in Guatemala and Quetzaltenango, both those of men and women, especially the Centers for young people, various task forces to assist the victims were organized: collection centers, shipments of food, attention to families, etc.

During those difficult moments, Bishop Echevarría wrote a letter on the 8th to the faithful of the Prelature in Guatemala, encouraging them to collaborate generously in the rescue efforts and reminding them that members of the Work all over the world were praying for those who had suffered physical or material harm.

Romana, n. 55, July-December 2012, p. 303.

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