Rio de Janeiro. Seminar for fathers

The Polaris Boys Club—connected with the Tijuca University Center—is an initiative of fathers who want to take a more direct role in the formation of young people. As its director, Marcelo Martins, explains: “If we want to form young people well, it is of great importance, as St. Josemaria taught, to first assist their parents, so that they can transmit authentic values to their children.” In this regard, one of the first activities of the youth center was a seminar entitled “Love Is Forever,” directed to the boys’ parents. Some 150 people took part, among them teachers and directors of schools from the Tijuca area. After the conference, a number of parents enrolled their sons in the club, and others expressed interest in beginning similar initiatives in other parts of the city.

Romana, n. 53, July-December 2011, p. 301.

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