2010: a Marian Year in Opus Dei

In the month of February, in honor of the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the apostolic work of Opus Dei with women, the Prelate convoked a Marian Year in the Prelature. Bishop Echevarría explained the reasons in a letter dated February 1, 2010. “As in 2008, when we commemorated the 80th anniversary of the foundation of the Work, it has seemed to me that the best way to channel our thanksgiving is to stay very close to our Lady during these months. Therefore it gives me great joy to convoke a new Marian year in Opus Dei, from the upcoming 14th of February to the same date in 2011. During these months, let us strive to honor our Mother more and better, above all by putting great care into the prayer and contemplation of the Holy Rosary, and spreading this devotion among our families and friends. And let us give express thanks to God for the work of the women who look after the material care of the centers of the Prelature, which contributes so decisively to maintaining and improving the environment of a home that God infused into the Work, when he inspired it in our Father in 1928” (Letter, February 1, 2010).

During this Marian Year, which will end on February 14, 2011, special importance has been given to certain memories related to the Mother of God and the history of Opus Dei. Specifically, on April 7, it will be 40 years since St. Josemaría went to pray at the Shrine of Torreciudad. “These are the miracles that I desire: conversion and peace for many souls,” he said on that occasion.

Also, on May 16, 1970, the Founder went to Mexico to pray for several days before Our Lady of Guadalupe. It was an especially penitential pilgrimage, in which he prayed earnestly to our Lady for the situation of the Church in the world (we were then in the post-Conciliar years), and he entrusted to her all his intentions and thanked her for her attentive care for Opus Dei: “We know, our Mother, that you will give us the means to go ahead on this path of charity and love, and to extend it throughout the whole world.”

The Marian year has also been reflected on the website of Opus Dei, which each month has published an article about the life of our Lady accompanied by citations from the Fathers of the Church, the Magisterium, and from the writings of saints and poets.

Romana, n. 50, January-June 2010, p. 152-153.

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