Studia et Documenta: Review of the St. Josemaría Historical Institute

The second volume of Studia et Documenta, the review of the Historical Institute of St. Josemaría Escrivá, opens with an article on the theological studies of St. Josemaría and another on his doctorate in law. These are by Francesc Castells and by the author of the critical-historical edition of The Way, Pedro Rodriguez. The section “Documents” collects the correspondence of Emiliano Amann to his parents. He was a resident in DYA, the first student residence opened by St. Josemaría in Madrid, during the 1935-36 school year. His letters reflect the enthusiasm and sense of mission with which, already in those early years, the spirit of Opus Dei was lived.

There are other studies and notes of an historical character, including an article by Julio Gonzalez-Simancas about St. Josemaría’s care for the sick in Madrid between 1927 and 1931 as a very young priest. The bibliographical section, which occupies over one hundred pages, is made up of reviews and data on volumes published recently and the first part of an exhaustive catalogue of works about St. Josemaría.

Since the publication of the first volume, requests for subscriptions to Studia et Documenta have risen considerably. “Presentations” or introductions of the review have been held in various cities. On April 21, for example, Studia et Documenta was presented at the Chamber of Commerce in Ciudad Real, Spain, in a ceremony that was reported on in the media and that highlighted St. Josemaría’s frequent visits to La Mancha in the years following the Spanish Civil War. Among the cities there that he visited were Ciudad Real, Alcazar de San Juan, Quintanar de la Orden, and Daimiel.

Romana, n. 46, January-June 2008, p. 120-121.

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