Nitroi (Brazil) -- A positive anthropological model

Niterói is the site of Lumiar Club for school-age girls. Besides the regular activities of cultural, spiritual and doctrinal formation, its programs include, since 2005, a class on the very timely topic of the human and Christian dignity of women. This class focuses particularly on fashion, which today is subject to grave moral deviations. Its aim is to strive to ensure that the girls acquire, from an early age, a Christian ideal of beauty and elegance, so that instead of allowing themselves to be led, they see the need to bear a positive influence on the environment around them.

In addition, a group of university and professional women gather each week in the Enseada Cultural Center to study, with a Christian focus, various aspects of anthropology, especially those related to human emotions. Their objective is to develop a training program for the guidance of one’s feelings or “affectivity” that parents and educators can make use of.

Recently, after six months of work and study, Emilia Fidalgo Alves, a psychologist, and Ana Cecília de Campos Sampaio, an economist, have begun to apply their findings in schools in Rio de Janeiro and Niterói. They have tackled with Christian criteria and morally responsible arguments such concerns as abortion, the prevention of AIDS, sexual relations outside marriage, etc. At the end of the sessions, time is set aside for questions and specific cases. The results have been quite positive, and the recommendation of teachers who have taken part in the program have led to new schools requesting the training course.

Romana, n. 42, January-June 2006, p. 128.

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