San Jose (Costa Rica) -- Impact of globalization on human life

In early November the third university workshop at Miravalles, a university residence in San Jose, was held with the aim of reflecting on globalization and its impact on many different areas of human life.

One of the addresses was by Dr. Guy de Teramond, currently Minister of Science and Technology and professor at the University of Stanford, who spoke on the technological and scientific advances of contemporary society and the challenge that this represents for developing countries. Dr. Robert Holden, an American journalist and historian, dealt with the historical antecedents to global integration. Dr. Flory Fernandez, a sociologist at the University of Costa Rica, spoke about local identity and globalization.

On the following days, those taking part gathered in work groups to go deeper into the topics and analyze studies and articles published in regard to globalization.

Romana, n. 31, July-December 2000, p. 286.

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