Posoltega, Nicaragua (International Work Camp)

University students from Miravalles Student Center in Costa Rica, from Villa Fontana University Center in Nicaragua, and from Entremares University Center in Panama organized and carried out a work camp in Posoltega, Nicaragua, one of the areas most affected by Hurricane Mitch, in coordination with German, Italian and Spanish students. Almost a hundred students dedicated their summer vacation to this service project.

A group from Albalat University Residence in Valencia, Spain, took part in the construction of a school in the area known as “El Tanque.” Working with them were students from Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The latter took charge of staffing the school, which has seven classrooms constructed of wood with thatched roofs. The students from Costa Rica gave the classes prescribed by the children’s program of studies.

Students from Italy and the Canary Islands, with the help of Costa Ricans and Panamanians, worked in the village of “El Valle,” building houses for those left homeless and helping to enlarge a school. They also took charge of the school children, giving classes and organizing sports.

The German group worked on renovating a school in Valle Real that needed a lot of work.

During the work camp, an international university conference was held in which each group presented a report on social and academic activities carried out in their own country.

Romana, n. 29, July-December 1999, p. 279.

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