São Paulo, Brazil - Reinventing Evangelization During the Pandemic

As soon as the quarantine caused by Covid began, more creativity than ever was needed to find ways to maintain contact with the people who come to activities at the Sumaré center for university students. The younger generation, accustomed to the use of digital media, had no difficulty in adapting to the online meetings. Thus began the talks on Catholic doctrine via each one’s cell phone, the cultural gatherings on the web, and even the long-distance pilgrimages organized by the residents of Sumaré.

The pilgrimages to our Lady were perhaps what required the most creativity. Some people did the pilgrimage digitally, by visiting shrines of the Blessed Mother that had set up a live connection on their website, while connecting with a friend and praying from their computers. Others did it “by telephone,” that is, they called a friend and began to pray the rosary while each one walked to a shrine near their own home that was open despite the confinement. In all cases, friends were very happy to “keep close at a distance,” especially during the month dedicated to our Lady.

Romana, n. 70, January-December 2020, p. 140.

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