Oporto, Portugal Dialogue that breaks down barriers

Inspired by the teachings of Pope Francis, in the first half of 2018 two sessions were organized for women faced with the challenge of reconciling an intense professional life with care for their families. The first was held near Lisbon, at the Penaferrim Meeting Center, and the second near Oporto, in Enxomil Conference Center. The two sessions were guided by some words of the Pope: “Dialogue breaks down the walls of division and misunderstandings: it builds bridges of communication, and it does not allow anyone to isolate themselves, or withdraw into their own little world” (Audience, October 22, 2016). The women taking part shared some of their personal experiences, with the conviction that these can be of help to others.

Romana, n. 66, January-June 2018, p. 170.

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