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Works by St. Josemaría:

Camino, Bogotá, Procodes, 2017, 13th Colombian printing.

Camino, Mexico City, Minos, 2017, 70th and 71st Mexican printings.

Droga, Poznan, Święty Wojciech, 2017, 19th Polish printing of The Way.

In addition the following homily has been published:

Para que todos se salven

[That All May be Saved], Mexico City, Minos, 2017, First Mexican edition.

Books about St. Josemaría:

Alkiddis Josemaria Escriva

[About St. Josemaría], Michele Dolz, Beirut, Le Laurier, 2017, First ed. in Arabic [published in several languages for October 6, 2002], 195 pp.

Días de espera en Guerra: San Josemaría en Barcelona, otoño de 1937 [Days of Waiting During the War: St. Josemaría in Barcelona, Autumn 1937], Jordi Miralbell, Madrid, Palabra, 2017, First ed., 287 pp.

Święty Josemaria Escrivá. Historia pewnego marzenia [St. Josemaría Escrivá: Chronicle of a Dream], José Luis Olaizola, Częstochowa, Świętego Pawła, 2017, First Polish edition, 157 pp.

Au pas de Dieu: Saint Josémaria Escrivá fondateur de l’Opus Dei [At God’s Pace: St. Josemaría Escrivá, Founder of Opus Dei], François Gondrand, Paris — Perpignan, 2017, Fourth ed., modified and augmented, 425 pp.

Romana, n. 64, January-June 2017, p. 163-164.

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