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Sur les ailes de l’aurore. Pureté, mariage et célibat apostolique (editorial Lethielleux / Parle et Silence, Paris). In this essay, Msgr. Guillaume Derville offers a meditation on St. Josemaría’s positive and demanding teaching on chastity.


Viver a Missa, a Portuguese translation of the book by Bishop Javier Echevarría on the Holy Mass, has been published by Lucerna (Cascais).

A translation into Spanish of the biography of Bishop Alvaro del Portillo, entitled Missión Cumplida, by Hugo de Azeveda, has been published by Palabra in Madrid.

In Germany Adamas Verlag of Cologne has published a translation of the book Ordinary Work, Extraordinary Grace by Scott Hahn under the title Gewöhnliche Alltag, Aussergewöhnliche Gnade.

Biographies of faithful of Opus Dei

Salvador Bernal has written a new book about the Venerable Alvaro del Portillo entitled Álvaro del Portillo: una semblanza personal, which has been published by Eunsa, Pamplona.

The Italian publisher Ares has brought out a biography of Montse Grases written by Msgr. Flavio Capucci, postulator of the servant of God’s cause of canonization, as well as of those of St. Josemaría and of the Venerable Alvaro del Portillo, and director of this bulletin. The book is entitled Sono cosi felice: Montserrat Grases una ragazza verso gli altari.

In Mexico, in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, a biography has been written about Arturo Alvarez Ramírez, an Associate of Opus Dei, by Javier Galindo Michel.

A web page on personal prelatures

During this first half of 2012 a group of canonists has placed on the web a site in Spanish that offers abundant documentation about the organization of the Church in personal circumscriptions such as personal prelatures. In the bibliography that this web page offers one can find many documents and articles referring to the prelature of Opus Dei. The web address is www.prelaturaspersonales.org.

Entitled Prelatures, ordinariates and other personal circumscriptions, the new site answers questions about these structures of the Church’s hierarchical organization, and tries to clarify exactly what they mean. The coordinator of the page is the canonist José Antonio Araña; regular collaborators include Santiago Álvarez, Miguel Ángel Ortiz, and Paul Hayward.

A documentary on Opus Dei in Chile: 7 stories

On Good Friday at midday, the Megavision channel broadcast the documentary Opus Dei in Chile: 7 Stories. The reportage followed seven Chileans who try to seek God in their daily life by living the spirit of Opus Dei. Each of the protagonists allowed the camera to accompany them for several days to show their family life, their working day, and how the message of St. Josemaría helps them to live their Christian life. The documentary, which reflects the variety of faithful in the Prelature and the development of the apostolic work in the country, required more than 40 hours of filming.

Patricio, a mining engineer, and his wife Carmen Gloria, prayed for years to find God. Enrique is a well-known decorator who tries to sanctify the world of art. Clarissa contributes to the support and education of her family by cooking in a high school. Lilian, a mathematics teacher, converted at the age of 47, when she discovered she was a daughter of God and exchanged the rebelliousness of “Che Guevara” for that of St. Josemaría.

Other stories included in this documentary produced by Alejandro Schlesinger are those of Fr. Sandro, parish priest in the community of Angol; Anastasia, a lawyer who tells how our Lord asked her for the complete dedication of her life; and Alvaro, a young corporate finance analyst and university professor.

Romana, n. 54, January-June 2012, p. 134-135.

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