Message Concerning the Earthquake in Japan

While making his retreat, Bishop Echevarría sent the following message:

"From the moment that I received the first news of the earthquake in that dear land of Japan, early in the morning of Friday last week, I have not ceased praying and asking others to pray for the people there, uniting myself in heartfelt sorrow to all the families and each person, sharing in the sorrow that this misfortune has brought with it.

"I have offered suffrages for the victims, and also asked our Lord that they might intercede so that the number of dead might be small and so that all the spiritual and human help required may reach those who need it. I feel totally united, with the faithful of the Prelature of Opus Dei, to the work being done to help all the persons and families who need it. Therefore I have asked the men and women of the Prelature in that country, closely united to their fellow citizens, besides praying and offering sacrifices for the present situation, to do all they can to assist in the activities aimed at helping those affected by the quake.

"I am also closely united, as are the other faithful of the Prelature, to the prayers of the Holy Father and to the bishops of Japan, also so that everyone in that country may see very clearly that the Catholic Church shares in and wants to provide assistance in everything that affects the Japanese people."

Romana, n. 52, January-June 2011, p. 52.

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