The Netherlands from February 15 to 17

On the morning of Saturday the 16th, the Prelate of Opus Dei, Bishop Javier Echevarría, traveled to Zonnewende, a center directed by the Prelature, where he met with various groups of people to whom he spoke about, among other things, the importance of the family: “If we truly want peace, tranquility, mutual service, and progress to reign in society, we have to educate our children very well,” he said.

On the morning of Sunday the 17th, the Prelate visited the Bishop of Haarlem, the diocese where Amsterdam is located. Before seeing the Bishop, he had a chance to pray before the statue of Our Lady of Haarlem, in the church dedicated to St. Joseph.

Before leaving, the Prelate encouraged the members of Opus Dei to go to the intercession of St. Josemaría and Bishop Alvaro del Portillo and follow their example, in order to fully incarnate the spirit of Opus Dei, united by the communion of saints. “Holland has to catch fire. Once again it will be a source of people who want to bring Christ’s faith to the four corners of the earth. May you give an apostolic dimension to your whole life.”

Romana, n. 46, January-June 2008, p. 58.

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