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The journalist Frances Greene, who holds a doctorate in Communication Law and Ethics from the Complutense University of Madrid and a research professorship in the School of Communications at the University of the Andes in Chile, has carried out a study on the Founder of Opus Dei’s approach to public opinion.

Her book is entitled La opinión pública y los medios de comunicación en el pensamiento de San Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, and has been published by Editorial Promesa. In the first of its five chapters, the author discusses the central message of Opus Dei in regard to sanctification of work in the context of the work of a journalist. The second chapter contains commentaries by St. Josemaría about the role of the media in the task of evangelization. The third discusses the Founder of Opus Dei’s concern for the professional, doctrinal, and spiritual formation of journalists, with special attention to his direct involvement in the creation of the School of Communications at the University of Navarre. In the fourth chapter, Professor Greene gives a summary of St. Josemaría’s preaching on four key virtues for social communications: truth, freedom, responsibility, and justice. In the final chapter she speaks of how closely he followed the news of the world in the press, seeing in every situation God’s provident hand.

February 2005 saw the publication of the second edition of Pot, the Slovenian version of The Way. The first edition had been published in Argentina in 1973. The new edition, by the Slovenian publisher, Koper Ognijce, is a thorough revision of the first edition, and amounts almost to a new translation. The print run was 2,000 copies. The large number of reviews published in the country’s media indicate the strong interest in the book.

On the occasion of the Year of the Eucharist, the Colombian publisher Procodes, in collaboration with the Corporation for Studies and Publications in Quito, has published 10,000 copies of the Booklet La Eucaristia, Misterio de Luz, which includes two homilies by St. Josemaría (“The Eucharist, Mystery of Faith and Love” and “On the Feast of Corpus Christi”), in addition to a prologue by the Prelate of Opus Dei and an appendix with suggestions for proper deportment in the presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. In the second half of 2004 the same booklet has been published (or in some cases republished) in many other countries, including Spain, Italy, Brazil, the Congo, Australia, the United States, Slovenia, Kenya, etc. In Poland, the KCC publishing company has published a compact disk with an audio version of these two homilies, with voice and background provided by specialists from Polskie Radio.

In the Italian cities of Martina Franca and Chieti, a street and a plaza respectively have been dedicated to St. Josemaría. Also in the church of San Elias in Messina and the church of Santa Maria la Nueva in Vibo Valentia, portraits of St. Josemaría have been placed for the veneration of the faithful.

On May 21 and 22 a pilgrimage was undertaken from Vienna to the Shrine of Máriapócs, organized by the Cathedral and by the church of St. Peter. The pilgrimage was held to commemorate two events: the fiftieth anniversary of St. Josemaría’s stay in Vienna, where the Founder of Opus Dei prayed to our Lady using the aspiration Sancta Maria, Stella Orientis, filios tuos adiuva!, and the centennial of the miraculous shedding of tears by the shrine’s icon of our Lady. The Greek Catholic bishop blessed a plaque commemorating the two anniversaries, which was to be later placed in the shrine.

Romana, n. 40, January-June 2005, p. 131-132.

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