Beginning of apostolic work in Croatia and Slovenia

For the past several years, Opus Dei priests and laity have been making periodic trips to Zagreb from nearby cities such as Vienna and Trieste to provide activities for spiritual formation. In July 2003, a center of the Prelature was established in the capital of Croatia. The Kulturni Centar Medvescak is situated in the neighborhood of the same name in the central part of the city.

Among the activities for young men at Medvescak are visits to the needy, which consist in providing small services and companionship to the poor. “The families that we visit are very grateful for the little we can do for them,” says Vuko Brigljevi, secretary of the center, “although we all realize that we are the ones who actually benefit the most.” Classes of Christian formation, language classes, and sports activities are also offered at Medvescak. Other programs that the cultural center plans to begin offering to students are a computer course and a discussion club for book enthusiasts.

Another center of Opus Dei has been set up in the central section of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, close to Congress Square and the National Library. It began its activities in July 2003. Like Medvescak, it offers activities for high school and university students and young professionals, including conferences and courses of Christian formation, and sports activities.

Romana, n. 37, July-December 2003, p. 71-72.

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