Saint Josemaría and an exhibit of contemporary art

Agustín Redondela, Venancio Blanco, Fernando Pagola, Ernest Peshkov and Reinhardt Fritz are some of the sixty-five artists from 14 countries who displayed their works in an exposition entitled “Creativity, work and the world.” It was inspired by the thought of Saint Josemaría Escrivá, whose centennial was the occasion of the exposition, organized by the Mainel Foundation in the museum of the city of Madrid.

Joaquin Sapena, president of the Mainel Foundation, explained that the celebration was an opportunity to invite artists from all over the world to undertake “a dialogue, based on their own aesthetic ideas and techniques, with this universal Spaniard’s message.” Saint Josemaría, he said, was noted for “his deep love for the created world, his open and receptive attitude, and his ability to appreciate every manifestation of human creativity.”

At the end of the exposition, artists who so desired donated their works to raise funds for the Mainel Foundation, to be used for development projects in Nicaragua and El Salvador.

Mainel is a social and cultural foundation established in 1990 to promote art and culture, especially among the young. It also funds social welfare and development projects in a number of different countries.

Romana, n. 35, July-December 2002, p. 347-348.

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