Celebration of the 75th anniversary of the priestly ordination of Blessed Josemaria

March 28th marked the 75th anniversary of Blessed Josemaria’s priestly ordination. A chorus of thanksgiving to God arose from the hearts of his children in Opus Dei, and from numerous other people all over the world, giving thanks for the apostolic fruitfulness with which God blessed his priestly life.

In Rome, on March 28, Bishop Javier Echevarría conferred priestly ordination on eleven faithful of the Prelature. (Cf. “From the Prelate” section) In various parts of the world commemorative acts were also held, a few of which are noted below by way of example.

In the Church of St. Paul in Lyon, Archbishop Louis-Marie Billé of Lyon, president of the French Bishops’ Conference, celebrated a Mass attended by several hundred people. In his homily, the Archbishop underlined the universal significance of the Founder of Opus Dei’s priesthood.

In London and in Oxford, conferences and colloquia were organized to make the Founder of Opus Dei and his message better known, as well as to publicize the various undertakings throughout the world that have resulted from his teachings and efforts. A number of documentary videos were also shown, including “The Joy of Sanctity.”

In Seville, the dean of the University of Navarre’s School of Theology, Francisco Varo Pineda, gave a conference at the Abaydar Executive Secretarial School. A specialist in Sacred Scripture, Professor Varo emphasized the profundity with which Blessed Josemaria contemplated and taught scenes of the life of Christ in the Gospel, placing himself in them as “just one more person.”

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